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Marijuana as a Gateway Drug
This paper examines how marijuana is considered a gateway for higher level drugs within American drug culture.
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The paper explains many of the social theories as to why marijuana is deemed a gateway drug for harder illegal drugs. The paper discuses statistical evidence that many young people find it safe to use marijuana, which leads them to heavier narcotic progressions in adulthood.

From the Paper:

"In sociology the study of cultural norms and social policies created by authorities is one aspect of the drug culture of marijuana that has been a problem in America. For many analysts, the study of marijuana has often been connected with what is called a "gateway" drug for higher level narcotics. The "drug culture" that defines this issue on low level drugs is often connected through societal norms that encourage the validity of marijuana within multiple addiction scenarios. The government, as the major authority on the illegality of marijuana, sets the law and then enforces a penalty for breaking the rules. In this manner, the moral foundation for deviancy is created not only by the government, but also by local ethical or religious groups that find a commonality for social deviancy (Becker 133). This two-fold creation of governmental authority and moral authority (Churches, social organizations, etc.) relates directly to why marijuana users are easily demonized, but more so, these institutions often categorize the drug as an early stage primer for harder drugs."

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