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Man-Made Global Warming
A look at man-made climate change.
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This paper examines the controversial issue of climate change, further questioning whether it is indeed man made or part of the earth's natural evolution. First, the paper discusses Al Gore's film and campaign about global warming. Then, it points out the opposition's stance which finds the global warming camps' methodologies to be unscientific. Next, the paper presents an overview of the earth's climate history, citing the work of noted scholars and their beliefs on the impact of technology on atmospheric change. Finally, the paper explores the works of scientists and authors published before the last ten years, when the debate on mankind's impact on climate change became an issue that began picking up momentum.


The History of Earth's Climate: Perspectives and Technology
The Scientific Facts

From the Paper:

'Adding to the confusion is Al Gore's Academy Award winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, wherein Gore tells viewers the film is not going to address the science, because it is beyond the understanding of the viewers; rather, he relies upon the mechanics of a lift positioned alongside a larger than life graph that raises him to the top of the graph in order to visually emphasize the drastic, allegedly man-man, changes in the temperature over the past hundred or so years (Guggenheim, Davis (Dir.) 2006).
Now, there exists confusion as to whether or not the Earth is indeed in a period of climate change as a result of man-made CO2 that is melting the Arctic glaciers and frozen mountain icecaps. It is an issue that begs the question: What do we really know about our planet and climate change? Even if CO2 is not at the root of global warming, is it in fact occurring? To answer these questions based on facts, we have to go back in time and look at the planet's natural evolution in climate. This paper is an effort to do that, and to bring to light some of the facts that can help us understand where we are..."

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