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Malcolm X's Radicalism
An exploration of Malcolm X's radicalism and his true life objectives.
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The paper considers Malcolm X's spiritual background and ideology and the origins of his own brand of radicalism. The paper explains why Malcolm X felt it necessary to separate from the Nation of Islam and also reject white society and its conventions. The paper shows how Malcolm X offered an alternative outside of the prevailing social context, and in that he was a separatist. Finally, the paper discusses how he used education as the basis of his radicalism, to introduce his spiritual ideology of self-love within the black race.

From the Paper:

"What most people define as radical, and why they labeled Malcolm X radical, differs from the means by which he defined his own Radicalism. However, Malcolm X himself was known as radical, and it is very interesting to examine the notion of radicalism as it related to Malcolm X, and is insightful in revealing the fundamental principles of who Malcolm X was, and what his true objectives in life were. Research reveals a difference between common perceptions of Malcolm X regarding his radicalism, and the actual reality and aims of that radicalism thereof. Research reveals that this radicalism is rooted in a spiritual ideology that Malcolm always maintained, not only in separating from white society but from separating from the existing norms of Black Muslim Radicalism, giving rise to his own bard not only of radicalism, but of life philosophy and humanitarian ideals that he supported in the final year of his life, which ended when he was assassinated by three Black Muslim gunmen on February 12, 1965."

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