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Major League Baseball
Looks at the history of the antitrust exemption granted by Congress to major league baseball (MLB).
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Published on Mar 18, 2009 in Business (Industries) , Law (Business) , Sport (Players) , Law (Historic Trials)

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This paper explains that, even though it has obvious characteristics that would characterize another industry as a monopoly, the U.S. Congress has granted major league baseball (MLB) an antitrust exemption. However, there have been challenges to this MLB exemption that would open the baseball industry to greater competition. The author examines the standing reasoning behind this antitrust exemption, analyzes some of the major challenges to the exemption and discusses the overall implications and ramifications for this industry and any industry. In conclusion, the paper points out that other sports have persisted despite not having antitrust exemptions, so there is little reason to expect that baseball could not adapt as well.

Table of Contents:
Major League Baseball's Status
Challenges to the Antitrust Exemption
Industry Ramifications and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"In 1953, the Supreme Court was granted a chance to correct the anomalous decision that was made in 1922 that granted baseball exemption from antitrust suits. The case was Toolson vs. The New York Yankees. In the case, George Toolson was reassigned from a minor league team to another team. The reserve clause, still in effect at that time, was used by the league as the means to forcibly transfer Toolson. Toolson, apparently, did not want to make the move. He believed that the reserve clause interfered with his ability to manage his own career, a point that was not incorrect."

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