Mafia Pariah: Gambino Captain, Angelo Ruggiero Term Paper

Mafia Pariah: Gambino Captain, Angelo Ruggiero
An essay on how the inability of one man to be discreet led to some of the most dramatic changes in New York City's Gambino crime family.
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This paper relates the life history of former Gambino Captain, Angelo Ruggiero, focusing primarily on his voluminous and disastrous words and how his inability to remain quiet cost the then Gambino boss, Paul Castellano, his life. The writer describes how the boy Angelo, born into extreme poverty, became friendly with John Gotti in a street gang, the Fulton-Rockaway boys. This friendship led to Angelo's introduction to the Fatico crew and to his and Gotti's participation in a killing ordered by Carlo Gambino. After serving a four-year prison sentence, both were formally inducted into the Gambino family, whose vicissitudes are related in detail. To keep the Gambino family afloat, drug-dealing became a major source of income, and Angelo's activities in this field drew the attention of the FBI who bugged his telephone and were thus able to secure convictions based on his conversations.

From the Paper:

"From an early age, Gambino boss John Gotti was close friends to a young Italian lad, by the name of Angelo Ruggiero. Known by the street name of Quack-Quack (in recognition of his slightly odd pigeon toed walk) but more in recognition of his inability to stop talking. Silence it would appear was an anathema to the young Ruggiero, he had to say something, anything. When his mouth was in motion, his sense of discretion was notably lacking. There were no secrets in
the Ruggiero household, once young Angelo knew about them, so did everyone else."

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