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Madonna's Sexuality
A discussion of Madonna's sexuality in the context of her development as a musical and video star and modern cultural icon.
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The paper explores the meaning and the significance of the use of sexuality in Madonna's art. The writer focuses on two important and often contradictory issues: the use of sexuality in her music, videos and book publications as essentially a marketing and strategic device intended primarily to shock and manipulate the perceptions of the viewer or audience, and the use of sexuality as an integral and coherent part of her artistic intention and oeuvre. The latter use of sexuality is also considered in terms of its impact on modern culture and the way it challenges the social and cultural norms that entrap and subjugate both women and men. To conclude, the writer explains that a comprehensive assessment of sexuality in these works must include elements of both manipulation and artistic and social integrity. This paper contains a photograph of Madonna and an annotated bibliography.

The Manipulation and Role of Sexuality in Modern Media Culture
Madonna as Contemporary Cultural Icon
Overview of Her Rise to Fame
Sexuality and Madonna's Early Life
Sexuality in Her Music and Image
Sexuality and Individual Freedom and Expression
Sexuality as a Marketing Tool
Conclusion: Reinvention and Hype

From the Paper:

"Popular music since the 1960s has tended to question these traditional sexual roles and norms and has interrogated the dominant sexual norms of the society and culture. Contemporary music and art has made use of sexual imagery and lyrics as a sign of rebellion against older morals and values that were considered to be hidebound and retrogressive rather than progressive. The youth culture and the emergence of modern popular and rock music were generally concerned with a central theme - the liberation of human consciousness and meaning from a world that had become overly materialistic and conservative and which prevented new and important expressions of feelings. Sexual images and lyrics in music were therefore essentially seen as form a rebellion against the status quo. It is within this context that the use of sexuality and sexual images in the works of Madonna should be considered."

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