Living With an ADHD Child Term Paper by Nicky

Living With an ADHD Child
An in-depth look at attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and teens and its implications for parents.
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The paper identifies ADHD's symptoms of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity and then addresses ADHD in teens. The paper discusses the temptations ADHD teens face with regards to driving, substance abuse, establishing good relationships with their peers and homework, and offers advice to parents on how to handle these issues. The paper then offers parents general tips on how to run their family life and how to take charge of their ADHD child's routine and records. The paper considers the prognosis for ADHD and concludes that while it will be a long, enduring struggle, with planning, patience, and persistence, a family can live a somewhat normal existence with a treated, stable ADHD child.

ADHD in Teens
Parents and the Big Picture
Tips for Family Life
Managing Your Child's ADHD
Prognosis for ADHD

From the Paper:

"ADHD teens are even more susceptible to alcohol, drug abuse and smoking than other teens. Because of the impetuosity trait of ADHD children, they are less likely to think or remember the consequences before they try these substances, and they are apt to experiment at a younger age.
"How can parents handle this? By treating and managing the ADHD meticulously and constantly. Researchers have found that youth and teens who are treated correctly are much less likely to grow up with a drug or alcohol habit. Talk openly and honestly with your teen and make sure they know what your expectations are in this area. Set house rules, and remember when it comes time to enforce them that tough love is best. No exceptions. Discuss this subject frequently and keep it on the front burner. Stay involved in your son's or daughter's life. Know their friends, where they go, and don't think that a casual search of their room is an invasion of their privacy. You could be saving his or her life.
"One thing not to do, perhaps surprisingly, is a drug test. Other measures can take its place. It is a statement that you don't trust your teen--a kind of slap in the face--when it is far more important to be able to have open and honest discussions with the child (Medem, 2007)."

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