Living Naturally: A Remedy for Genetic Engineering Term Paper

A look at agricultural alternatives to genetic engineering.
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This paper promotes organic produce as opposed to genetically engineered products, citing that organic produce offers a healthier, more natural source of nutrients benefiting the human body and the world. First, the paper defines organic food. Then, it discusses the shirt that was made toward genetically engineered agriculture, highlighting the involvement of corporations such as Monsanto. It also addresses the uncertainty with regards to health of genetically altered crops. Various studies are noted that link pesticides to illness and birth defects. The paper concludes by calling for a return to simple and healthy methods of food production.

From the Paper:

"High into the Andes Mountains, the Incas struggled cultivating their land for agriculture. Half a century ago, pesticides and genetic modification didn't exist. Due to the altitude, Inca crops barely grew in surpluses. Instead of resorting to chemicals, like we do today, the Incas adapted to the environment. As a means of combating their inability to grow sufficient quantities of food, the Incas grew their crops in tiny clumps across the terrain. Strewn around the mountains were patches of a vast harvest (Pollan, Botany 193). Aesthetically, the land was ugly and messy, but the quantity produced was unexpectedly impressive (Pollan, Botany 192). How is it that centuries old cultures know how to naturally domesticate the land better than we do today? You would think that with the abundance of technology we have access to we'd trump the Incas in agriculture. Yet, technology brings us one step back rather than one step forward; while, communities in Africa are advancing their agriculture organically."

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