Leskov's "Lefty" as a Work of Nineteenth-Century Russian Realism Term Paper

Leskov's "Lefty" as a Work of Nineteenth-Century Russian Realism
An evaluation of Nikolai Leskov's short story "Lefty" within the framework of nineteenth-century Russian realism.
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Published by on Sep 17, 2014 in Literature (Russian)

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"This paper examines the content and style of Nikolai Leskov's "Lefty" (also translated as "The Lefthander," "The Left-handed Craftsman," "The Steel Flea, etc.) and evaluates it in terms of the principles and practices of nineteenth-century Russian Realism. The paper explores both the realist and non-realist features of "Lefty." The work contains several implausible and "unrealistic" features, which the paper reviews in some detail, noting in passing that Leskov's contemporaries, such as Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, considered his work unrealistic, chiefly on account of the kind of language he uses. However, "Lefty" also contains several features that place it squarely within the realist tradition. Among these are the use of humour, irony, parody, and satire for the purposes of social and political criticism; the rejection of the notion of "art for art's sake"; the willingness to tackle the dark, unsavory side of life; the use of the lives of ordinary people as subject matter;the use of the idiom of common folk;and the deployment of various linguistic and other stratagems to evade the Russian censors. The paper concludes that "Lefty" is a complex work that defies strict classification. Although it contains some unrealistic elements, it falls well within the tradition of nineteenth-century Russian realism."

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