Leonardo da Vinci - An Overview Term Paper by Writer83

A discussion about the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci.
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Published on May 15, 2012 in Art (Artists) , Art (History) , Art (Painting)

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This paper discusses at length the life of Leonardo da Vinci, highlighting his works and plans for inventions. First, the paper examines Leonardo's early life and the role of his father in promoting his artistic talents. Then, the paper describes life in Florence at that time and its influence on Leonardo. This is followed by the a look at the beginning of Leonardo's career and his early works, including sculpture and engineering plans. The paper also notes how Leonardo's sketched of inventions were far ahead of their time. Next, the paper explores Leonardo's major works, culminating with a in-depth discussion of the Mona Lisa.

From the Paper:

"Leonardo was born in the neighborhood of Florence and bred in the great city. It is well, even in so short a sketch, to say what this implies. The people of Tuscany are made up of an extraordinary mixture of Etruscan, Roman, and Teutonic blood. Their main city, Florence, had been for centuries a considerable emporium, but also a center of arts and of letters. Suffice it to remember that of all the Italian dialects it is the Tuscan, and more specifically its Florentine variety, which has become the national language. The prosperous city soon took a lively interest in art, but loved it in its own way. These imaginative but cool-headed merchants patronize goldsmiths, sculptors, draftsmen. They do not waste any sentimentality, neither are they very sensual: clear outlines appeal more to them than gorgeous colors. Except when they are temporarily maddened by personal jealousy or by a feud which spreads like oil, it would be difficult to find people more level-headed, and having on an average more common sense and a clearer will.
Leonardo was a Florentine to the backbone, and yet this environment was not congenial to him."

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