Legalization of Marijuana Term Paper by Peter Pen

Legalization of Marijuana
A brief overview of the arguments for and against legalizing marijuana.
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This paper outlines current policy in the United States regarding the legalization of Marijuana, including the penalties used and the pending legislative actions regarding legalizing marijuana. The paper also looks at the recreational and medicinal purposes of marijuana and the arguments for and against its decriminalization.

Current U.S. Policy Regarding Legalization of Marijuana

From the Paper:

"Proponents of legalization cite the success of decriminalization in states that allow small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and that too much money and law enforcement time is going into prosecuting trivial marijuana cases when monies could be better spent elsewhere. One of the most well organized and vocal groups who support legalization is NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), who maintain a detailed and comprehensive web site on current marijuana legislation, news, and statistics. As they work for more decriminalization of marijuana, more citizens become aware of the benefits of medicinal marijuana use and the cost to our society for the arrest and incarceration of marijuana users."

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