Legacy of Lyndon Baines Johnson Term Paper by Nicky

Legacy of Lyndon Baines Johnson
A discussion on the political career of President Lyndon Baines Johnson.
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Published on Mar 04, 2011 in History (Leaders) , History (U.S. Presidency)

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The paper reveals the early years of President Johnson's political career, his image as a tough hitting politician and his focus on helping those who were impoverished and disenfranchised. The paper then discusses the suspicion of many Americans that Johnson was part of the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, and relates that Johnson's own obsession with overcoming the image of a fallen hero impacted him adversely. The paper emphasizes the hard work and dedication that it took to see his programs through to fruition, and asserts that his legacy has endured, even if he has not received the recognition he deserves.

From the Paper:

"Johnson was a man of the south, and of an era when blacks were putting forth an effort to defeat racism, and to achieve racial equality for their selves (Tyler, Pamela, 2006:491). Looking at Johnson's history as a Senator, then, later, as president and we see that he always had a deep desire to bring about changes that would afford greater opportunity for African Americans. In the era during which Johnson was growing up in the south, being poor was not altogether different from being black, except that Johnson, unlike poor blacks, had the opportunity to rise above his poverty through education. Yet Johnson remained true to his southern heritage, and throughout his senate career he worked to gain pension benefits for Confederate Civil War soldiers, or their surviving spouses."

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