Lebanese Politics Term Paper by Nicky

An overview of Lebanon's complex political situation today.
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Published on Jan 03, 2012 in Political Science (Non-U.S.) , Middle Eastern Studies (General)

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The paper looks at Lebanon's history of violence and discusses how Lebanese politics is still complex and volatile today, largely based on relationships with the neighbors in the Middle East. The paper describes how the court system is complicated and the current election laws are badly outdated. The paper illustrates how reforms are needed if the government is going to continue to operate effectively.

From the Paper:

"Modern Lebanon came to be in 1920, when the League of Nation mandated France to create Lebanon and Syria. Lebanon is made up of what used to be the province of Mount Lebanon, along with the provinces of north Lebanon, south Lebanon, and the Biqa, which was historically part of Syria. This set the stage for ongoing conflict between Lebanon and Syria. By 1926, the State of Lebanon had formed, and they had enacted a Constitution. In 1940, Lebanon was taken over by France, but they declared independence in the same year. In 1943, the current political system formed, and high-ranking positions in the government were based on the 1932 census, which showed that 54 percent of the country was Christian. This census was used to determine the distribution of seats in the Chamber of Deputies, (now the National Assembly) ("Timeline"). The BBC Web site notes the distribution was based, "on a ratio of six to five (later extended to other public offices). The president is to be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies a Shia Muslim" ("Timeline). This system, based on spiritual beliefs, is still in place today."

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