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Language Production and Semantic Memory
A look at the functions of semantic memory and language and the relationship between them.
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Published on Apr 01, 2013 in Communication (Language and Speech) , Psychology (Memory) , Language (General)

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The paper looks at the nature and function of semantic memory and outlines the basic functions of language that include the informative function, the expression of thoughts and feelings and the directive function. The paper discusses the stages of language production and shows how each stage entails a complex interrelationship between neurological and syntactical aspects of memory and articulation. Finally, the paper looks at the relationship between semantic memory and language production and how it can be seen in the process of sentence integration.

The Nature and Function of Semantic Memory
The Basic Functions of Language
The Stages of Language Production
The Relationship between Semantic Memory and Language Production

From the Paper:

" The basic functions of language can be divided into a number of central categories. The first and most obvious is the informative function of language. This refers essentially to the communication of information. In linguistic terms, the informative function "affirms or denies propositions, as in science or the statement of a fact" and is required " describe the world or reason about it" (Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic: Common Forms and Functions of Language).
"A second function of language is expression of thoughts and feelings. This function can be described as the function of language in reporting "...feelings or attitudes of the writer (or speaker), or of the subject, or evoking feelings in the reader (or listener)" (Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic: Common Forms and Functions of Language).
"A further basic aspect of language can be described as its directive function. This is referred to as, "...language used for the purpose of causing (or preventing) overt action" (Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic: Common Forms and Functions of Language).The directive function is most commonly found in commands and requests (Philosophy 103: Introduction to Logic: Common Forms and Functions of Language)."

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