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Labor Problems and Globalization
Looks at problems in the U.S. labor market created by globalized manufacturing strategies.
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This paper explains that globalized manufacturing strategies generate problems in the U.S. labor market because this international plan leads to less job opportunities nationally, weakens the workers capacity to mobilize, builds alienation in workers, exploits workers and leads to the deregulation of industries. The paper explores the ways in which proletarians, the petty bourgeoisie, and the lumpen-proletarians are all affected by this situation. The paper concludes by predicting that the U.S. is heading towards the ideology of neoliberalism in which industries are deregulated, businesses have no social responsibilities and only respond to profit, and state enterprises are privatized. In other words, there is an overall return to free trade and individualistic logic.

From the Paper:

"There is no easy solution to fix the United States problem of not being able to produce our own goods at a cost effective level. One action that will have to occur is that our government, states, cities, and counties will have to work together to create more jobs at a low cost. One of the problems with the United States is that many of the factories are automated and run by machines, which take jobs away from people. China also automates many of their factories but it is their people who build the machines which creates jobs. The United States orders our machines from China giving jobs to them but taking jobs from Americans."

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