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King David of the Old Testament
This paper is an extensive discussion of the history, symbolism and controversy surrounding King David of the Old Testament.
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This paper explains that of all of the famous central characters of the Old Testament, King David is, without a doubt, both one of the most interesting as well as the most relevant with regard to the life of Jesus Christ. The author points out that King David is not free from controversy; many scholars have put forward theories concerning everything from his supposed homosexual tendencies to the possibility that he may not have existed at all. The paper relates that King David is chosen, not to reveal commandments concerning moral or right conduct as in Moses' case nor to "sacrifice" in order to prove his devotion and faith such as Abraham, but to be almost "installed" by God to fulfill the very temporal and practical purpose of ruling the nation of Israel, the chosen people of God, both, within his lifetime and as a function of his descendant, who will be the messiah.

From the Paper:

"Although one might imagine that in the face of such goodness and upright behavior, David might regain his senses, perhaps dulled now by power and privilege, and show his repentance by following Uriah's example, he, instead continues in his sin--by now approaching murder for is own selfish gains. Here, after trying once again to sway Uriah by getting him drunk, he notes with dismay that Uriah, even in his drunken state, will not betray his principles, and again sleeps at the king's door. Thus, in frustration (and, perhaps envy), David writes a letter to Joab and sends it with Uriah, himself, ordering Joab to put him in the front lines of battle and thereafter abandon him, "...that he may be smitten (11:15).""

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