Kate Millett and the Feminist Movement Term Paper by Nicky

Kate Millett and the Feminist Movement
A discussion on the life and ideals of Kate Millett, the "mother" of the feminist movement in the 1970s.
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Published on Nov 25, 2011 in Women Studies (Historical Figures) , Women Studies (Feminism)

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The paper relates that Kate Millett is known as one of the founders of the radical feminist movement in America. The paper discusses the books she authored, most notably, 'Sexual Politics' and her theories on men, sex, stereotypes and equality. The paper looks at her episode with manic-depressive disorder and her "coming out" as a lesbian. The paper concludes that Kate Millett may be the forgotten "mother" of the feminism movement, but her work lives on in women all around the country.

From the Paper:

"Kate Millett was born in 1934 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her father was a violent man who beat Kate and her sisters. He left the family when Kate was fourteen, which may have helped shape her later attitudes about men, marriage, and family. She says, "'I like my father now, but I'm also not ever going to forget what he did to us when I was a kid. Six feet one and really angry, he was mind-blowing frightening'" (Author not Available). Another writer notes that many feminists have had difficult relationships with their fathers. She writes, "Several feminist leaders, including Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer and Kate Millett, had terrible relationships with their fathers and this fueled their political attacks on the nuclear family" (Fields 23). Millett's mother sold insurance on commission, barely making enough to keep the family alive, even though she had a college degree. This experience also helped Kate see the world was built around the needs of men, rather than women. She says, "'If you're a man, the insurance company finds out what the family needs and pays you a salary. But women don't get a salary . . . she got no help from society'" (Author not Available)."

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