Judaism and Christianity - A Comparison and Contrast Term Paper by Nicky

A look at the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity.
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This paper aims to analyze, compare and contrast developments and functions of monotheism in two religions, Judaism and Christianity. First, the paper examines several aspects of Judaism, particularly the difficulty of conversion. This is contrasted to conversion in Christianity, which has made it the largest religion in the world. Then, the paper explores the Jewish view of one diety, which is contrasted with the Christian view of the Trinity, which can be considered not fully monotheistic. Next, the paper examines the historical roots of Judaism and how Christianity is based on it. In particular, the paper addresses the persecution faced by the Jewish people because of their adherence to their faith. The paper concludes by stating that Judaism is the world's first monotheistic faith and its philosophy influenced Christianity.

From the Paper:

"Christianity on the other hand, does everything possible to make conversion easy. The Christian faith is growing today at unbelievable rates in all corners of the world. It would seem that the Christian philosophy of sharing the religious faith with any and all has helped the religion prosper in this modern economically driven global environment. Christianity also strives to answer different, and apparently, more pertinent questions for the new converts. Christianity addresses issues such as: are there ethical values such as right, wrong, good and evil; what is the biblical basis for such values; are these ethical values essential for living properly; how should the ethical values affect war & peace, sexuality, genetics, financial expectations or any other policy making issues? The biblical foundation of the Ten Commandments seems more prevalent in the Christian faith than they do in the Jewish faith even though both have the Ten Commandments as the backbone of strength. Christians seem to be better at converting the concepts into useable ideals such as civil restraint, spiritual mirroring, and striving to accomplish positive deeds. This is not to say that the Jewish faith does not have the same ideals, but the Christian faith seems to market it better."

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