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An overview of Jean Piaget's stages of cognitive development.
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Published on Jan 15, 2013 in Psychology (Piaget) , Psychology (Theory)

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The paper provides an overview of the theoretical concepts used by Piaget, and then moves into a detailed presentation of his four stages of cognitive development. The paper describes the sensory motor stage, pre-operational period, concrete operational stage, formal operational stage and finally, adolescence and adulthood. The paper concludes that the four stages that Piaget created have had a profound impact on the way we understand children.

Theoretical Concepts
Stages of Cognitive Development

From the Paper:

"Jean Piaget (1986-1980) researched developmental psychology in the mid 20th century. He was especially interested in understanding the ways in which people learn to think and form cognitive skills. Based in Paris, he focused on the thinking patterns of children. In particular, Piaget is known for categorizing the cognitive development of children into four stages that proceed sequentially. Children develop more complex cognitive skills as they proceed through the stages, described in more detail below. Most of Piaget's research was conducted using a case study method. By spending countless hours observing children of different ages, he was able to identify common patterns in his subjects. These observations led him to conclude that while it may be true that some children are naturally smarter than their peers, in many cases the younger children were not "dumber", but merely at an earlier developmental stage.
"By explaining a natural progression of cognitive development, Piaget helped parents and educators understand how best to communicate with children, and what can reasonably be expected from them at various ages. These insights have had a lasting impact on the development of educational materials that tie biological age to cognitive development. His developmental stages also form the basis for modern theories in the constructivist learning school."

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