Japan's Feminist History Term Paper by Peter Pen

Japan's Feminist History
A review on the influential moments in Japan's feminist history from the beginnings to the 1970s.
# 108588 | 2,220 words | 5 sources | APA | 2008

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The paper discusses the position of women in Japanese society during the 1800s through to the 1970s. The paper notes that by the 1900s feminism began to emerge with the appearance of a women's publication "Seit" , or "Bluestocking", publicizing female art and literature. The paper comments that ideas on women's position in society began to emerge with the suffrage movement in the 1920's and finally in 1947, when women obtained citizenship with voting rights. By 1960 the feminist group was formed in Japan referred to as "Tatakau Onnatachi," or "Fighting Women". This group began to question women's position and treatment in society. The paper concludes that in spite of all these improvements, Japan has a long way to go before women reach the same gender "equality" as in western nations.

From the Paper:

"During the Meiji Era, married women where put into the same legal category as minors and legal "incompetents". They could not enter into contracts or buy or sell property without their husbands consent. A married woman lost all control over any property she brought into the marriage, unless specifically protected by a marriage contract and because suffrage hinged on ownership of land that meant that a woman could not vote (Lebra 1984). A woman could sue for divorce, but the grounds were restricted - cruelty or desertion, but not adultery - and her claim had to be supported by a male relative."

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