Is American Becoming a Socialist Nation? Term Paper by scribbler

Is American Becoming a Socialist Nation?
A review of the literature on whether the U.S. is truly becoming a socialist state with Obama as President.
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Published on May 01, 2013 in Political Science (U.S.)

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The paper first looks at the views of author John L. Bowman who argues that America appears to be embracing socialism because of President Barack Obama's policies and then looks at how Kurt Williamsen argues that the U.S. is engaging in "world socialism" with "socialist tax rates". Next, the paper discusses columnist Art Barschdorf's anger because the Obama administration is destroying our nation's freedoms and Chris Alexander's view that Obama is a socialist. Finally, the paper relates the belief of Elizabeth Wurtzel that people are angry and so they are using words like "America is socialist" instead of the honest and awful truth that the United States is a post-industrial empire in decline.

From the Paper:

"Freedom is at risk because "coercive law, mammoth bureaucracies and smothering 'politically correct' social norms" are coming in to play; those who would destroy democracy, Bowman writes, are planning to take away the right to own property (p. 2). Owing property would be "...eventually outlawed," he insists. And this cultural war Bowman alludes to is about socialism, and "the socialists are winning," he assures. He believes socialists are winning because he points out that government spending (federal, state, and local) has increased from 12% in 1930 to 42% in 2002. During the New Deal federal spending on social programs was 3% to 28% today. He doesn't say where he got his statistics but clearly Bowman believes that the increased federal spending posits that socialism is moving into the federal budget and therefore it is altering the policies, tilting them towards socialism.
""Socialism is an insidious philosophy," Bowman writes (p. 3). On the surface of socialism there is an "economic struggle between the rich and poor"; and the rich seek more wealth and the poor try to gain wealth (p. 3). But he asserts that "most Americans are socialists" and though most don't consciously support socialism they are socialists because they support "the socialist philosophy" that embraces social security, Medicare, and other federal programs."

Sample of Sources Used:

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