Invention of Guns and Gunpowder Term Paper by Master Researcher

Invention of Guns and Gunpowder
A discussion on the impact the invention of guns and gunpowder had on early modern Europe.
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Published on Oct 07, 2003 in History (European) , Computer and Technology (Technology)

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This paper discusses the discovery of gunpowder in early modern Europe, the consequential inventions of firearms, and how these developments brought with them dramatic changes to society. The paper shows how the inventions of guns and other weapons had a profound impact on the society, economics and view of warfare in early modern Europe.

The Invention of Guns and Gunpowder

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"As Grafton and Rice assert, the invention of guns and gunpowder had a significant impact on the world (1994). The invention of gunpowder and guns "created a new kind of warfare between 1450 and 1525" (Rice and Grafton 1994, 1). It was in part the discovery of gunpowder that gave scientists and technologists of the early modern era the encouragement to achieve new heights of invention and experiment (Kaempffert 1941). The discovery of gunpowder and the firearm inventions that followed are said to be of equal importance to the discovery of the steam engine and the printing press: inventions that were to greatly change the structure of society and to give it new purpose and direction (Kaempffert 1941).
"The invention of gunpowder is usually attributed to the Chinese and its existence is said to predate 1000 AD (Ling 1947, "Bang, Bang" 1999). It was first used in Asia in the manufacture of fireworks and firecrackers, as people in the east were fascinated with its smoke-producing and incendiary qualities (Ling 1947). In 1249, an English "alchemically inclined monk", Roger Bacon, was the first to publish instructions on making gunpowder ("Bang, Bang" 1999, 98). Primary ingredients used in the recipe were saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal ("Bang, Bang" 1999)."

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