Intrauterine Growth Restriction: A Brief Look Term Paper by scribbler

Intrauterine Growth Restriction: A Brief Look
A look at the mother's impact on the fetus during pregnancy and the importance of the screening process for pregnant women.
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The paper discusses the causes of intrauterine growth restriction and discusses how the activities of the mother, both physical and psychological, affect the fetus. The paper describes how the mother's intake of alcohol, smoke and drugs affects the infant's alcohol olfactory and intake acceptance pattern and may also cause other complications. The paper also addresses how the health worker has also to be aware of the screening process for pregnant women with a high risk pregnancy and must also monitor chronic diseases, gestational diabetes and the problem of premature or pre-term labor.

From the Paper:

"The problems that attend pregnancy could be both by nature and also consequent to the behavior and patterns of life and life style of the mother. This also means that a child is the result of the maternal position in pregnancy and the amount of care the mother received and was cared for. The problem of the child in the womb and if it was capable of understanding the world around it was discussed from very early times and is woven into the folklore. Thus in the ancient times it was believed that the pregnant mother's behavior and mood influence the fetus. Scientists also ascribe to this view today. (Lecanuet; et al, 1995)
"It is asserted that the sensory input has a long influence on the fetus in uteri, such that the mother's behavior creates the prenatal sensory experience for the fetus. Thus the maternal contributions to the fetus in uteri collates with the ability of the fetus to respond to stimuli which will be carried on to the post natal life. It has been shown that in birds and mammals there is a sequence by which the sensory function adapts, and this is begun with the emergence of coetaneous, vestibular, auditory and visual function. This was demonstrated so for the Norway rat -- Rattus norvegicus. (Lecanuet; et al, 1995)"

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