Intergovernmental Relations: Issues in Public Policies Term Paper by Nicky

Intergovernmental Relations: Issues in Public Policies
A discussion of how changes in public administration can be more productive.
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Published on Jan 22, 2011 in International Relations (General) , Public Administration (General)

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This paper examines intergovernmental relations (IGR) specifically as related to issues in public policy. It sets out to answer the question of 'what changes need to be made in the public administration and political systems in order for them to be more communicative and inter-related.' The paper determines that key to implementation of successful IGR are meetings with stated purposes and agendas and a flow of communication within the government agencies and outward to the public at large. In addition the paper includes a literature review on the subject and tables of interest.

Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) Issue
Literature Review

From the Paper:

''The work of Agranoff (2008) entitled: "Toward an Emergent Theory of IGR Governance at the Dawn of the Network Era" states that the network is "one of increasing relevance for understanding current connections between units of government within a nation-wide state system. Once more oriented to the minimal statistics gathering and funding assistance between more or less watertight compartments, intergovernmental relations (IGR) has evolved into dynamic and highly integrated sets of behaviors, not only between agents of government but among a host of non-governmental actors, non-profit and for-profit." (Agranoff, 2008) Agranoff states that intergovernmental relations appear to have started with "the territorial organization of states, often termed in international nomenclature as 'primary civil divisions'." (2008) However, changing and accelerating the IGR models was the 'rise of the welfare state' which resulted in "linking central and local governments in deep interdependency in such scope and breadth that the nineteenth century law and politics crowd could never imagine." (Agranoff, 2008)
''At this time centralized government programs "began to become parachuted in to local communities by central governments, and in federal systems with connecting landings in constituent unit governments, that is states or provinces." (Agranoff, 2008) Agranoff relates that the intergovernmentalization has resulted in a model of governance that is described as the "overlapping authority model of governmental interaction." (Agranoff, 2008) Agranoff relates that in the 21st Century networks characterizes local government as well as business associations and economic development agencies. These networks have been defined as "structure of interdependence involving multiple organizations or parts thereof, where one unit is not merely the formal subordinate of the others in some larger hierarchical management." (O'Toole, 1997, in Agranoff, 2008)''

Sample of Sources Used:

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