India: Its Population, Food and the Environment Term Paper by Master Researcher

India: Its Population, Food and the Environment
A review of the population, food and environment of India.
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Published on Oct 23, 2003 in Asian Studies (General)

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The paper provides an introduction to the country of India and its culture. The paper then explores in detail the population, food and environmental issues facing India. The paper addresses how the Indian government is dealing with the field of environmental protection and how it is establishing environmental standards for both products and processes.


From the Paper:

"India is land of diversity, spread across its cultures, landscape, languages and religion. India has been invaded virtually from all directions from all over the world -from the Iranian plateau, Central Asia, Arabia, Afghanistan, and the West. These Incursions has created a diverse culture which the Indian people have absorbed producing a remarkable racial and cultural synthesis. Religion, caste, and language are major determinants of social and political organization in India today. The government has recognized 16 languages as official; Hindi is the most widely spoken.
"Although Hinduism is the popular religion, comprising 83% of the population, India is also home to one of the largest population of Muslims in the world--- more than 120 million. The population also includes Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, and Parses . The caste system reflects Indian historical occupation and religiously defined hierarchies. Traditionally, there are four castes identified, plus a category of outcastes, earlier called "untouchables" but now commonly referred to as "dalits," the oppressed. In reality, however, there are thousands of sub-castes and it is with these sub-castes that the majority of Hindus identify. Despite economic modernization and laws countering discrimination against the lower end of the class structure, the caste system remains an important factor in Indian society."

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