Impact of Domestic Violence on Children Term Paper by Nicky

An exploration of the impact of domestic violence on children in America and what can be done to reduce this phenomenon.
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The paper outlines how domestic violence impacts a child, and identifies the risk-factors that are associated with higher degrees of family violence in households with children. The paper considers the interventions that can be used and focuses on the mandatory arrest of batterers. The paper reveals that this intervention does not address the threat of long term violence or help the family deal with the underlying issues. The paper therefore proposes to combine mandatory arrest with mandated social services for both adults in the home. The paper considers the sources of funding for this proposal.

How Domestic Violence Impacts a Child
Intervention Strategies
Mandatory Arrest
Proposed Intervention
Funding Request

From the Paper:

"To people who did not grow up in a violent home, the impact that domestic violence has on children in the home may seem minimal. They acknowledge the dangers of child abuse, but do not comprehend how witnessing violence in the household can have the same level of impact as being the direct victim of violence. After all, in this increasingly media-driven society, most young children are exposed to a lifetime's worth of vicarious violence before they hit their teenage years, and seem to suffer little for it. If observing violence has little detrimental impact on the average child, surely observing violence in the home would only have a slightly negative impact on children. The reality is far different. Children from violent homes, even those who are never directly victimized, suffer a variety of different problems as a result of their exposure to family violence. Moreover, children in violent homes are far more likely to be victims of violence than children from non-violent homes."

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