Illegal Immigration - Mexico and the US Term Paper by Nicky

Illegal Immigration - Mexico and the US
A look at issues in illegal immigration.
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This paper considers the issue of illegal immigration on a global level, further considering why people chose to leave their country of origin. The paper calls for nations to examine why their citizens are not able to live satisfactory lives which results in them crossing borders illegally. In particular, the paper examines the US - Mexico border and illegal immigration to the US. Various statistics are cited, with the paper noting how the US is determined to end illegal immigration from Mexico. The paper concludes by calling for the media to take up a vocal discussion about illegal immigration.

From the Paper:

"There are presently an estimated of 12 million immigrants residing illegally in the U.S. Several hundreds of thousands of people are believed to join the 12 million every year, as the U.S. continues to be appealing for illegal immigrants from around the world. A great part of those illegally residing on U.S. territory are not literally illegal immigrants, as they have entered this category because of the fact that they have over-stayed their visas.
"Almost half of the illegal immigrants from the U.S. are from Mexico, as it does not take long for a Mexican to reach the U.S. if he or she knows the proper methods of crossing the border. More precisely, the main reason for such an evolution "is a Mexican economy unable to provide jobs with a living wage to a growing population. But those who live and work along the border say there is another, more immediate cue for the rush" (Barlett. Steel, 2004). The increase in the safety measures tried to redo the security equilibrium; however, the number of illegal immigrants is so large that the border patrol cannot deal with them individually, nor can they do it in a collective manner. "

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