Hurricane Katrina - A Timeline Term Paper by Nicky

A look at the events prior to, during and following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
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This paper traces the events that led to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, first examining the storm's build-up, impact and after effects. The paper begins by describing how Katrina began as a tropical depression over the Bahamas, eventually gaining strength as it entered the Gulf of Mexico. Then, the paper notes how Katrina reached land, impacting Louisiana with tremendous force. It further addresses how citizens were told to evacuate, yet many who were impoverished or elderly were forced to remain in New Orleans. Next, the paper addresses the aftermath of the storm, particularly mass flooding and civil unrest. It also considers the accusations against the Federal Emergency Management Administration for mismanagement and loss of life during and following the Katrina disaster. The paper concludes by noting that since Katrina, FEMA has essentially been stripped of its power. Several color photos are included in the paper.

From the Paper:

"Hurricane Katrina's sheer size and strength were being closely watched by weather experts, and the areas in the Gulf of Mexico within its projected path were warned repeatedly of the storm's potential for extensive damage. After sweeping across the southern tip of Florida, the storm reemerged into the Gulf of Mexico and turned northwest, continuing to grow in strength and intensity until it reached a Category 5 status on August 28th. With maximum sustained winds of 175 mph and an estimated pressure of 902mb, Hurricane Katrina trekked across the Gulf as one of the most powerful storms to manifest in over a century. On Friday, August 26 at 5 p.m., warnings from the National Weather Service showed Hurricane Katrina taking a final turn, setting New Orleans within its projected path. Saturday morning, August 27, most residents of Louisiana learned of Katrina's path and evacuations began en masse, clogging all outbound arteries of the city. People were strongly advised to leave New Orleans and those who were able began pouring out of the city in great numbers."

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