Hugo Chavez Term Paper by Peter Pen

Hugo Chavez
This paper discusses Hugo Chavez and his contentious form of leadership in Venezuela.
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The paper labels Hugo Chavez as both the most admired and feared leader in Latin America. The paper discusses how Chavez's populist ideals and agenda easily won him respect and trust within the poorest Venezuelan communities. The paper looks at his critics, however, who include the Colombian government, the United States, some of the European Union and many middle and upper class Venezuelans. The paper describes how he has developed programs, policies and legislation that have brought the unemployment rate down, the economy up and the people of Venezuela to a whole new standard of living.

From the Paper:

"December 6, 1998, Venezuela elected a socialist democrat, the charismatic Hugo Chavez, as its new president, replacing the previous government of Rafael Caldera Rodriguez. As President, Chavez immediately proceeded to implement his Bolivarian Revolution policies of aiding the poor and disenfranchised as well as promoting unification in Latin America. This revolution compounded with his distrust of liberalist nations, such as the United States, has made Hugo Chavez both the most admired and feared leader in Latin America."

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