How Transparent is European Lobbying? Term Paper by Dafne

How Transparent is European Lobbying?
A discussion of the accessibility level of EU institutions, and the role of lobbyists in shaping European policies.
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This paper discusses the European institutions that attempt to influence the decision-making process, mainly in their own favor, and are known as lobbyists. The writer defines lobbying and discusses what it entails in the EU, and how the overwhelming self-interest of lobbyists led to the launching of the European Transparency Initiative. This is a paper aimed at finding ideas on how to enhance transparency in the EU, by attempting to involve those most immediately affected by EU policies, or their representatives, in the deliberation and design of policy initiatives, since the EU may not be able to reach the individual citizen.

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Lobbying in the European Union
Networking: the Basis of Successful Lobbying
The Lobbyists Register:EU--in Search of Legitimacy
The Worst EU Lobbying Awards

From the Paper:

"Because the process of consultation between EU institutions and the representatives of these interest groups is not always as open as it should be, or follows more or less informal rules and ways of conduct, this often leads to problems of accountability, legitimacy and transparency. In the attempt to enhance the level of transparency of EU institutions, the European Commission came up with several solutions: a Register of Interest representatives, a Code of Conduct, the establishment of ground rules for the Commission staff to follow when dealing with interest groups, penalties for those who don't respect these rules, as well as a standardization of the on-line public consultations of the Commission."

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