Homelessness and Public Policy Term Paper by gnossos

Homelessness and Public Policy
An examination of public policies on homelessness across the globe.
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The paper examines how the public view of homelessness affects government policies, and then explores the success of international policies on homelessness in comparison to how America in dealing with homelessness. The paper looks at the international organizations that have been put in place to deal with homelessness and discusses what they do. The paper shows how there is a lot of room for improvement in public policy in regards to homelessness both in America and around the globe.

From the Paper:

"In any country anywhere in the world, public view of the homeless and homelessness in general can certainly have an impact on government policies. In order to understand public policy on this matter in any country, one must first look at how a particular country defines homelessness. Of course we know that homelessness essentially means "without a home": a person who is unable to afford stable housing. However, this definition can become murky and vague from society to society. For instance, a person who is able to afford a hotel room three nights a week and then sleep on a bench the other four nights may not be considered homeless by certain groups (Burt).
"The public view of homeless persons themselves can also have an impact on government policies. In many countries, the issue of homelessness is something of a stigma. Some may view the homeless as lazy people who just need to get a job. Unfortunately, for many this is not the case. Particularly in governments that utilize the institution of voting, public stereotypes and views can have quite an impact on whether government policies are passed or rejected. One must also keep in mind that many organizations intended to help the homeless are non-profit and rely heavily on volunteer work."

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