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HIV and Asian Men
Explores the concept of social mobility, assessing whether it is helpful or harmful to people of differing cultural, national, social, economic, religious, or ethnic backgrounds.
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This paper seeks to explore whether macro and micro level social constructions impact society's acceptance of individuals and community members that come from "dominate" or "subordinate" groups like the HIV populations and Asian men living in this subculture.

Table of Contents:
Overview of Social Mobility and Social Constructions
Social Constructions, Asian Men and HIV
Creating Stronger Bonds among Asian, HIV and Other Subordinate Cultures

From the Paper:

"Diaz (1998) notes that certain populations are affected more so than others by the HIV epidemic, including not just Asian but also Latino ethnic groups, with subgroups within the Latino population including Puerto Ricans often considered the most subordinate or affected population. In this sense, one may infer social constructions occur not only within society at large, but also at the micro level, within social groups. The Asian HIV population may be viewed by society at large as lower on the hierarchical chain with respect to status and influence, representing a macro level social construction."

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