Hitler's Rise to Power Term Paper by bluerivers

Hitler's Rise to Power
This paper examines the rise to power by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany.
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This paper examines Hitler's rise to power from his failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 through the beginning of World War Two. The paper examines the political and social structures that made this possible and discusses how a madman inspires millions to commit atrocities beyond the imagination. The paper also looks at how a convicted traitor transitions into the most powerful person in a nation and then explains that, through propaganda, Hitler was able to manipulate a war weary German people into supporting his efforts. The writer notes that those who opposed him disappeared and maintains that by instilling loyalty to the state through fear and patriotic propaganda, Hitler was able to achieve a position of power that allowed him to commit atrocities.

From the Paper:

"Over six million Jews perished during Hitler's reign. Millions more were displaced. Atrocities that defy ones belief in humanity became commonplace. Many people question how a madman, such as Adolf Hitler, was able to take power, why millions were drawn to him, and how the world looked on as the Nazi Party swept into power. Against significant odds, Adolf Hitler went from a convicted traitor to leader of a nation; a man whose actions would leave an indelible mark on history for all time. Adolf Hitler's rise to power defies the powers of logic for many people today. How is it possible that a man was capable of inspiring so many atrocities? The answer lies in a combination of world events, political intrigue, and clever moves designed to strip German citizens of their liberties and remove opposition. It is possible to trace the Nazification of Germany through an analysis of the 1930s."

Sample of Sources Used:

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