Hitler and Propaganda Term Paper by Nicky

A look at how Adolf Hitler used propaganda to influence Germany during WWII.
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Published on Mar 29, 2012 in History (European - World Wars) , Holocaust Studies (General)

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This paper argues that propaganda was a central facet of the rise to power of Hitler and the successes of the German Nazi and Nationalist Socialist movement, which was to result in the Second World War and the deaths of millions of people. First, the paper considers Germany's economy and morale following its defeat in World War I. Then, it points out how Hitler used this situation to manipulate the masses with propaganda aimed at regaining national pride. Next, the paper cites how Hitler used education to manipulate children and youth into accepting his outlook of racial superiority. Finally, the paper addresses other techniques Hitler used for propaganda, such as film and mass rallies. The paper concludes by stating that the propaganda used by the Nazis was a decisive tool in Hitler's rise to power.


Hitler and Propaganda

From the Paper:

" Hitler therefore conveyed a sense of uncompromising will and power in his speeches. In order to convince the German people to follow him he created a cast of national enemies and evil opponents that he used as an integral part of his propaganda campaign. For example, the Jews and the communists were depicted as objects of extreme hatred and loathing. Hitler also played on the inner fears of the people and conveyed the massage that the Nazi Party was the only way for the German people to avoid national annihilation from both these enemies. This is a common method used by propagandists, where they persuade people to act or think in a certain way on the basis of fear of certain groups who have been described as a threat."
"Hitler was also politically astute. He understood that "power lay with the masses". (Bullock 55) Therefore, if he was to obtain the allegiance of the people he would have to do so through the subtle use of propaganda. "The Key, Hitler became convinced, lay in propaganda". (Bullock 55) He therefore devoted a great deal of thought and time into developing his understanding of propaganda."

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