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History of the CIA
An overview of the history of the Central Intelliegence Agency (CIA) and its limitations.
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The paper describes the immediate precursor to the CIA that was the OSS or Office of Statistical Services, established by President Franklin Roosevelt. The paper then looks at the CIA operations that began in 1947 and points out that while the greatest accomplishments of a spy agency go unheralded, the ones which failed haunt an agency for years. The paper discusses how in the 59 years of its existence, the CIA has been the butt of jokes and world ridicule for their more glaring excesses and spectacular failures. The paper asserts that the agency is needed without doubt, but it needs agents who speak Farsi and respect Islam as a force to be contained.

From the Paper:

"And Joseph remembered the dreams which he dreamed of them, and said unto them, Ye are spies; to see the nakedness of the land ye are come ( Holy Bible Gen 42: 9). Man has spied on his fellow man since time immemorial. Children spy on each other without having a name for it. There is a natural curiosity in man, but what the CIA does is a bit more intrusive than idle curiosity. The nature of spying is such that the perfect spy agency would be totally unknown to history. The perfect spy would never be acknowledged. He would be a non-entity.
"We all know the famous words of Nathan Hale, and that he only regretted having but one life to lose for his country. This was quite patriotic and if the spy is caught then he might as well get himself a footnote in history. But to do the best job for one's country, the spy must not lose his life, and he needs must remain faceless and nameless."

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