History of Aviation Technology Term Paper by Nicky

A review of the invention and societal impact of aviation technology.
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The paper outlines the development in aviation technologies from Wright's early invention until today's commercial aircraft and powerful military aircraft technology. The paper explains the mechanics responsible for wing lift and the overcoming of gravity, and looks at how modern aircraft have substantially transformed human life on earth. The paper shows how the evolution of modern aviation has made the invention of powered flight one of the most important technological advancements in human history.

Background and History of the Invention
The Invention of Powered Flight
The Evolution of Modern Aviation and its Impact on Society

From the Paper:

"Human beings have always fantasized about being able to fly, as is evident from ancient artwork as well as thousand year-old mythological stories and literary fables that preceded the age of aviation by millennia. Leonardo da Vinci produced detailed drawings of flying machines five hundred years ago, but the first known serious attempts at manned flight date back only to the wind-driven hot-air balloons of the late 18th century and to the experiments conducted by Otto Lilienthal a full century later, a little more than a decade before the Wright brothers demonstrated the first fully powered manned flight in their now-infamous first flight of their "Wright Flyer" in December of 1903 (SASM, 2007)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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