Health Promotion Strategies for the Garcias Family Term Paper by scribbler

Health Promotion Strategies for the Garcias Family
A health promotion strategy for a Cuban-American family.
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This paper suggests health promotion strategies for a Cuban-American family whose primary health issues center on hypertension and the need for greater information about the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle. The paper describes the health and lifestyle issues faced by members of the family and points out that since cultural factors are impacting their health, the information should be presented to them in the context of their cultural background. The paper also notes the need for a holistic treatment plan for each member of the family since all the health problems are linked.

From the Paper:

"An unrecognized social dynamic at play here can be the distrust of Western civilization in general, and of Americans in particular, that may have been transmitted to the grandmother. Not only does Cuba have a history of harsh dictatorship (e.g. from Fulgencio Batista in the modern era), which has caused distrust against government and reliance on independence, but also worse still this Fulgencio Batista was supported by the United States. In 19561, the US also warred against Cuba, and even though unsuccessful, US Cuban clashes followed and many Cubans attribute Cuba's economic decline to American interference with their Soviet support. This was exacerbated by Clinton's intercepting migrants at sea and detaining them in migrant centers at Guantanamo Bay. It is no wonder that Mercedes, a product of that culture, and, therefore, likely ideologically imbued with their indoctrination is resilient to receiving information and advice from American health service. For all we know, she may have been told (in typical soviet-type propaganda) that their services are deceptive and destructive to Cuban survival.
"Dealing with this mentality is challenging. One idea may be to direct the grandmother to a Cuban social work agency that can serve as mediator between the American health services and between their clients. In this manner, the grandmother will be more receptive to the information and more wiling to follow the recommendations."

Sample of Sources Used:

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