Health Care Reform and Young Adults Term Paper by scribbler

Health Care Reform and Young Adults
A look at how President Obama's Affordable Care Act benefits the young adult.
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The paper discusses how young adults can benefit from the Affordable Care Act and relates that young adults may now remain on their parent's insurance plan until age twenty-six without having to be enrolled in college. Additionally, the paper relates that this insurance coverage is tax free, the Act requires insurance plans to allow a 30-day period for the young adult to join the parent's health plan, and even if the young adult is married, he or she can still be covered under their parent's health plan. The paper then discusses how in order for the Affordable Care Act to be signed into law by the president, the Senate Committee had to work together as a team to create a plan that appears to be inclusive of anyone needing to take advantage of it.

From the Paper:

"The issue of healthcare reform has been around for quite some time. Some say it started when former President, Theodore Roosevelt brought attention to the lack of universal healthcare in 1912. Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt is credited with the passage of Medicare bill even though it was not signed into law until 1965. According to Jonas, passing of the healthcare reform bill represents a step in the right direction since the United States is the only developed country in the world without a comprehensive national health care system (2010). This country is still addressing issues concerning healthcare, but on March 23rd of this year President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act which gives uninsured Americans access to quality, low cost health insurance.
"There are several components to this Act and one of them focuses on healthcare for young adults. The Health Reform website ( lists a video which explains how young adults can benefit from the Affordable Care Act. There are several issues that the video addresses: young adults may now remain on their parent's insurance plan until age twenty-six and they do not have to be enrolled in college; the mandatory date for open enrollment is in September, but some companies are allowing open enrollment in May because this is when many graduate from college or leave high school; and young adults who are married are still eligible to be carried on their parent's health insurance up to the age of twenty-six."

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