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Hamas: A Terror Organization
A discussion on the rule and terrorist activities of Hamas.
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The paper looks at the origins of Hamas and points out that it is a terrorist organization with terrorist activities and intent whose purpose is to establish an Islamic Palestinian state to replace Israel. The paper discusses the fighting between Hamas and Fatah over the government of Palestine and relates that Hamas does still control the police and security in Gaza. The paper reveals that life is miserable there for most Palestinians; many are calling for the complete return of Fatah after having experienced several years of Hamas corruption and violence. Finally, the paper identifies the dozens of Hamas-claimed terrorist strikes in Israel and notes that Hamas is shifting its power base to London at least for political, legal and propaganda purposes.

From the Paper:

"Hamas was created by Sheik Ahmad Yasinat in late 1987 at the beginning of the first Palestinian uprising. The violent part of Hamas, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, stage anti-Israeli attacks including suicide bombings against civilian targets inside the country of Israel.
"Social-political parts of Hamas conduct ministry activities such as operating charities and schools, raising funds, and political activity--most of which is merely a front to finance terrorist activities. A council based in Damascus, Syria establishes overall policy. Hamas has controlled several of the Palestinian Authority(PA) ministries since it won the PA elections in 2006 over Fatah, the party of PA's president, Mahmoud Abbas.. It has also developed a bigger, overt army they call the Executive Force (GlobalSecurity.org, n.d.).
"Have no doubt though that Hamas is a terrorist organization with terrorist activities and intent. Their purpose is to establish an Islamic Palestinian state to replace Israel. In 2002-2003 they claimed numerous attacks against Israel and Israeli interests. So far, they have not targeted the U.S., that we know of, and continue to define their target as Israel and Israelis whom it refuses to acknowledge (Pike, 2008)."

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