Gun Control: The Influence of Advocacy Coalitions Term Paper by Devann Murphy

Gun Control: The Influence of Advocacy Coalitions
A look at how the assistance of advocacy coalitions can help ease the process of formulating and implementing new policies with regard to gun control.
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Developing and implementing policy is often an intricate and lengthy process. However, the difficulties associated with this process increase if the policy is related to a controversial topic, such as gun control. Gun control is a widely debated topic that has both supporters and opponents; therefore, numerous advocacy groups may become involved in the policy process. This essay examines gun control, the advocacy coalition policy model, and the process necessary to develop, implement, and enforce a new gun control policy.

Table of Contents:
Gun Control
Advocacy Coalitions
Policy Making Process

From the Paper:

"The criminal justice policy process consists of five main steps, which includes problem identification, agenda setting, policy formulation, policy implementation, and policy evaluation. Each of these steps has a necessary function; however, the introduction of advocacy coalitions may alter this process. When suggesting or attempting to impose new legislation, it is important to consider the role of advocacy coalitions in the policy making process. Therefore, when developing gun control policies similar to those in England, it may be beneficial to gain the support of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence."

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