Green Architecture and Green Schools Term Paper by Nicky

Green Architecture and Green Schools
An overview of green architecture and the benefits of green schools.
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This paper discusses how green architecture--also known as sustainable development, eco-design, eco-friendly architecture, earth-friendly architecture, environmental architecture, natural architecture--is a sustainable method of green building design. The paper looks at some of its advantages and disadvantages and in particular examines how building green schools offers dramatic reductions in operations and maintenance costs.

What is Green Architecture?
The Disadvantages of Green Architecture
How Can the Negatives Be Solved?
How Does Green Architecture Improve Buildings and Structures?
Health Benefits of Green Architecture?
Benefits for Green School and Students
How is a Green School Economically Benefitted--A Comparison

From the Paper:

"Some other "disadvantages" that must be thought through before going green are: Adding natural daylight brings in more light and more glare. You'll need to control the light with shades or overhangs. Adding a green roof adds weight, and you may need to beef up the strength of your roof to support this weight. Certain green finishes may need to be special-ordered and may have longer delivery times. Plan ahead for these potential delays. Orienting your home to the sun may mean turning the house in a different direction from that of the neighboring homes. Your neighbors may complain. Water-saving features, such as dual-flush toilets, require guests to pay attention to how they flush the toilet. And, using natural ventilation to cool your home will not be as precise as air-conditioning. It may take some time before you acclimate to not having the thermometer set to the exact temperature you like (Freed).

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