Global Water Shortage Term Paper

Global Water Shortage
Looks at the global diminishing of clean freshwater resources that is even leading to water wars.
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This paper explains that, across the global, fresh water is becoming a scarce commodity, which is leading to serious shortages, instabilities and even undeclared wars with death and destruction. Next, the author reviews the prime drivers of these water shortages such as climate change, sanitation issues, lack of water regulation enforcement and government corruption. The paper discusses possible solutions, such as desalination of salt water, recapturing the freshwater lost by melting glaciers, desalination of salt water, recapturing freshwater from melting glaciers, co-operation on all levels of government, improved sanitation practices, active searches for less traditional means of water access and most of all admitting that there is a problems.

From the Paper:

"Americans take it for granted that turning on a tap results in safe water being delivered efficiently to their homes. Clean water is considered a right in the United States, and no one thinks twice about where their water comes from--it is just there whenever the need arises. But even in this country of plenty, water scarcity is beginning to show its face, mostly in desert southwest areas such as the Colorado River Basin and the Imperial Valley farming region. The once mighty Colorado River is showing the strain of damming and diverting water to farmland, such as the Imperial Valley region, and to the burgeoning populations of urban districts like Las Angeles and Las Vegas."

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