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An analysis of global warming and climate threats examined on a local (Brisbane), national (Australia), and global level.
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This paper examines the climate threat of global warming on three different levels. First, on a local level, it examines the climate in Brisbane, Australia, a city that has experienced considerate climactic upheaval in recent years. Second, it examines the climate of Australia as a whole, a hot continent once renowned for its position below the largest hole in the ozone layer. Third, it examines the global climate. The paper maintains that, at local, national and international levels, climate threats are a very important, current concern. The paper concludes that, though climate threat has represented itself in Australia and Brisbane primarily under the guise of drought, heat, and decreased rain levels, on a global level this threat is represented by a wider variety of problems.

The Local Community: Brisbane
Throughout the Nation: Australia
Across the Globe
Maps (Appendix 1-3)

From the Paper:

"The map of Brisbane (Appendix 1) demonstrates the water shortage problem in Brisbane. Climactically, this is one of Brisbane's biggest threats, as the city turns to the possibility of recycling sewage for drinking water. Light scattered rainfall is observable on the map south of Brisbane, towards the Gold Coast, in the Beenleigh, Logan and Coomera regions - though this rain stops short of Southport. Queensland mainland to the north of the map is experiencing no rain - a problem which has plagued farmers in the region for some time. Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane Area (Archerfield and Boondall) are also experiencing no rain. Scattered showers are continually hitting the same areas around Brisbane - the Gold Coast and some of the islands off the coast. The same local areas (Brisbane, and inland and north Queensland) are continually suffering, on the other hand, from high temperatures and no water."

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