Global Warming - A Solution? Term Paper by Nicky

A look at a proposed solution to global warming.
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This paper introduces and discusses the greenhouse effect and global warming, and the scientific concepts behind these issues affecting the world today. The paper defines the greenhouse effect and its impact on global climate change. Then, it explains how industry and pollution have led to more gases in the atmosphere. Several models using the scientific method are used to measure and support the concept of global warming. The paper then calls for a larger, global solution that can tackle the problem. This is followed by a suggested plan to wrap earth's ice caps in plastic. The problems in this proposed plan are highlighted, yet its absurdity serves to emphasize the seriousness of this environmental issue. The paper concludes by stating that we need to think outside of the box regarding global warming.

From the Paper:

"The greenhouse effect, contrary to popular belief, is actually what keeps this planet habitable and comfortable for all living things. It is a natural process that keeps the Earth warm by keeping certain gases in the atmosphere, where they reduce some of the radiation from the sun's rays, and keep the planet a comfortable temperature. One scientist notes, "The amount of heat energy added to the atmosphere by the greenhouse effect is controlled by the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere" (Pidwirny). Without the greenhouse effect, the planet would be too cold for life; the average temperature would be about -18 degrees Celsius, while the current comfortable temperature is 15 degrees Celsius (Pidwirny). The greenhouse effect gets its name from the fact that it resembles what happens in a greenhouse - the sun's rays warm the greenhouse and keep it warmer than the surrounding area because it holds the heat inside, just as the greenhouse gases and atmosphere hold the heat around the Earth."

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