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Global Warming
This paper argues that global warming is the single major environmental problem of the 21st century and should be a major concern.
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This paper explains that, as a by-product of the industrial revolution, the natural equilibrium of earth is being altered by man-made conditions resulting in global warming or the heating up of the earth's surface. The author points out that the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon; however, the burning of fossil fuels has contributed to a huge increase in CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which now trap more heat and thereby increase the temperature of earth more than usual. The paper relates that there is still a minority of scientists who are hesitant to accept the fact that global warming is a man-induced condition; nonetheless, their notions are silenced by the observed climatic facts that the eleven hottest years of the previous century occurred between 1983 and 2000 while 1991-95 are the five consecutive hottest years of the century.

Table of Contents:
Global Warming (A Real Problem)
Undeniable Facts

From the Paper:

"At this rate of increase, the atmospheric CO2 concentrations are projected to increase the average global temperature by around 3 to 7 degrees F by the end of this century. This increase over a hundred-year period represents a huge shift compared against the entire time scale of the planet. Those who argue that global warming is a natural happening have to explain why nature would shift gears all of a sudden? Also, how could increased CO2 levels also be part of the claimed natural process? These questions and the true facts make it unambiguous that global warming is definitely a man-induced phenomenon. These arguments can be buttressed with the recently documented drastic climatic shifts."

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