George W. Bush: Measuring the Man Term Paper by Yobette

George W. Bush: Measuring the Man
An application of James Barber's analysis from his book "Presidential Character" to George W. Bush. Includes details of George Bush's formative years.
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This essay applies the theories contained in Barber's book Presidential Character, to George W. Bush and investigates which personality profile he fits into. The author analyzes whether he is active, positive, passive or negative. Includes an in-depth look into the Bush's formative years.

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"In his book Presidential Character, James Barber outlines certain characteristics, traits and life experiences which he feels produce particular types of presidents. Depending on these characteristics, traits and experiences, he then provides the reader with four possible categories within which to place the candidate. By ascertaining which category a contender falls into, Barber maintains that society can and should judge their suitability for presidential office. A major element in ascertaining a candidate's category is the study of their personality. Barber feels that personality is "patterned", meaning that character, worldview and style all work together in its creation. Once one has an in-depth knowledge of a candidate's personality, one is able to analyze how they would react and interact with current world forces, events and issues. Barber also stresses the importance of researching the president's childhood and the environment in which their personality was shaped, through to the initial important decisions made in adult life."

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