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Florence Nightingale and Nursing
An analysis of Florence Nightingale's contribution to the field of nursing.
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This paper discusses how Florence Nightingale can be considered the mother of modern nursing and how, without her, it is unlikely that nursing would ever have become a respectable field. It looks at how Nightingale systematized the process of nursing, and also, because of her social status, how she was an instrumental public relations force in showing that nursing was a true profession, rather than something that 'lower class' women were seen to pursue, an occupation that was only one step removed from that of a nursemaid--or charwoman.

Critique of the Theory

From the Paper:

"Florence Nightingale, unlike most of the British women of her era, was frustrated with the common societal beliefs that women should not pursue careers--and defined the societal prohibitions of her day. Her father, William Nightingale believed women should get an education, and Florence was educated in the classics and in the sciences, as well as history, economics, philosophy, and modern languages. "Florence became disenchanted with the upper class lifestyle she was born into. When she was young she would care for sick and injured pets. Later she would care for servants who were ill. In 1837, Florence said she heard the voice of God tell her she had a mission. At the time she did not know what it was. Later she would discover her mission" ("Florence Nightingale (1820-1910)," 1998, UMN: Introstat History)"

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