Flavia Coffee Machine Patents Term Paper by Nicky

Flavia Coffee Machine Patents
An overview of the patents and trademarks relevant to Flavia coffee machines, owned by Mars, Inc.
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Published on Aug 06, 2010 in Business (Companies)

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The paper discusses Flavia's three important patents; one for a machine that dispenses beverages made by injecting a liquid into a packet containing other beverage-producing materials, another for a sachet that is comprised of two laminates which are heat-sealed together, and the third for a process to treat roasted coffee. The paper also lists the various trademarks associated with Flavia and with Mars, Inc. The paper relates that Flavia allowed Mars to become a pioneer of single-serving hot beverage dispensers in the growing office coffee industry.

From the Paper:

"Flavia is a brand of coffee-related products owned by Mars Inc, the candy bar maker. Relating to Flavia are three important patents. The first is 5,272,960. This is for a machine that dispenses beverages made by injecting a liquid (hot water) into a packet containing other beverage-producing materials. The device was invented by Robert N. Kinna of Bramley Green, England. It is presently owned by Mars, Inc. The patent was filed on November 1, 1990 and was issued December 28, 1993. This invention has several other unique features. One is that the devise uses liquid pressure to open a seam in the sachet. The seam is weakened with a heat source prior to opening to prevent explosion. The heat source is either hot liquid or a radiant source. The machine is typically used to make hot chocolate. There are several independent claims associated with this patent. The broadest of these includes any number of different sources of heat to break the sachet seal, including a hot wire or steam from a hot water tank. This process can also be conducted with the aid of an activator, and that activator may come with an automatic deactivation function or not."

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