Fighting Illegal Immigration: The 287(g) Program Term Paper

Looks at the implementation of Title VIII, Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act as a national strategy for combating illegal immigration.
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This paper explains that section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act can be used to combat illegal immigration because, under limited conditions, it gives law enforcement agencies the authority to use immigration-related information to advance local policing efforts. Next, the author reviews the three basic permitted types of 287(g) enforcement agreements: correctional, which is the most common usually involving a county jail system, highway patrol and task force investigations. The paper recommends a decentralized approach to the 287(g) program instead of one agency enforcing of illegal immigration and a required review of all prisoners in every criminal detention facility to ascertain their immigration status. This paper contains a table.

From the Paper:

"In particular, the law enforcement perspective of agency administrators and personnel, as it relates to state and local enforcement of immigration law, varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some law enforcement administrators and personnel believe the enforcement of immigration law is solely a federal responsibility. Some chiefs do not believe that local law enforcement agencies should spend much of their limited resources to take on what has essentially been a federal responsibility for illegal immigration enforcement in their communities."

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