Federalism: Yesterday and Today Term Paper

Federalism: Yesterday and Today
A history of federalism in the US.
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This paper examines federalism and how it has been a controversial issue in United States government policy since the founding of the nation. Various political thinkers are quoted giving their definition of federalism, and a history of the outlooks on this political theory are presented. Additionally, the paper discusses how federalism is still an issue in today's political arena. The paper concludes by stating that federalism is a positive outlook since it promotes a series of checks and balances.

From the Paper:

"As we can see, federalism has evolved immensely throughout the history of the United States. The one time Republican party was against the federal government to overstep their boundaries. They were considered anti-federalists at the time. According to Brinkley the anti-federalists had serious and intelligent arguments of their own. They presented themselves as the defenders of the true principles of the Revolution. The constitution, they believed, would betray those principles by establishing a strong, potentially tyrannical, center of power in the new national government. The new government, they claimed, would increase taxes, obliterate the states, wield dictatorial powers, favor the "well born" over the common people, and put an end to individual liberty."

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